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Anime Expo 2012 - Day 1 - Kajiura Yuki/FictionJunction Panel

The Kajiura/FictionJunction panel was probably the first panel I absolutely wanted to head to on my list. I've been a fan of Kajiura since she did music for Noir, admired her work in See-Saw (and setting the stage for Ishikawa Chiaki), adored FictionJunction songs wherever they were played, and fell in love with Kalafina. I didn't really have any questions for her, but it would have been outstanding to get an autograph. (Sadly, I didn't.)

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Anime Expo 2012 - Day 1 - Total Eclipse Panel

Anime Expo has crept around again. Now equipped with the latest in mobile computing technology (that is, a rugged Lenovo notebook rather than a dying craptop), audio and video recording bans can be circumvented by old-fashioned typing.

...Please forgive my inability to write an intro. I haven't written anything in years.

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AX 2011 - Morning Rescue Hell March

Just a video, it's been a while since something was posted here. Two of our fellow #beastslair members were in this video as well.

Okay until I figure out how to embed a video, here is the link:


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Marketing Homolust to a General Audience

Gay is in, make no mistake about that.
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Strange Things I Have Seen in Japan

JAPAN: it is, fortunately, a land that is fully welcoming of commercialization and modern art. Herein I will share some of the pictures I took of things in Tokyo and Osaka.

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How To Build A New PC - Addendum

This is an addendum to the New PC construction guide uploaded earlier this year.  It contains deleted content regarding important concepts you should be familiar with before making the plunge to purchase components and build your PC.  Read this over, and be aware of these factors before you select your parts and customize your build.

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Anime Expo 2010 - Mechanized Wings

A few of you at AX saw these things in action. They open and close under their own power at the touch of a button. Pretty cool, right? BTC mentioned that he wanted a set of these for himself but probably could not afford it. I’m not sure what this guy charges for a set of wings, but they’re not really as expensive as you think.
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4Colt: All the horses
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How to Build A New Computer - Section A

Dedicated to NoodleKnight and RoyalKnight (for helping me with my PC), and BL denizens that are venturing down this road.

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